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Pulau Ubin – The Granite Island

Located in the north-east of Singapore, Pulau Ubin is a beautiful island with an abundance of flora and fauna. Pulau Ubin is shaped like a boomerang and has numerous granite quarries in its vicinity. Plau Ubin was once a group of five smaller islands, disentangled by tidal rivers; however, the bunds built for prawn farming united the city eventually. With beautiful attractions spread all around the place, Ubin is one of the most visited islands of Singapore. From secluded beaches to flourishing mangroves, Ubin has everything that will delight you. If you want to explore this village all by yourself, hire a car from Singapore Car Rental.

Pulau Ubin – Highlights

Being the last village of the ‘Kampung’ days, Ubin has traces of the life of Malays in 1960’s. The Malays believed in simple pleasures of life that reflects in the ambience of Ubin. The abandoned granite quarries in Ubin are great picturesque spots in this village. The most popular tourist attraction in Pulau Ubin is the vast wetlands of ‘Chek Jawa’. These wetlands have abundant species of wildlife, a ‘Jejavi viewing Tower’, a beautiful coastal Walk board and immensely beautiful sea views.

Another popular tourist destination in Pulau Ubin is the ‘Ketam Mountain Bike Park’, an 8 km long mountain bike route open for both mountain biking competitions and recreational cycling. You can rent a car from Singapore Car Rental and drive to nearby attractions like the ‘Balai Quarry’ and the ‘Pulau Ubin Recreational area’. This recreational area is an extravagant site near the Ubin village, open for cycling, fishing and other recreational activities. Many campsites like the ‘Jelutong Campsite’, the largest campsite on the Pulau Ubin, are easily available for the comfort of the visitors.

Why Choose Singapore Car Rental?

While planning a holiday to Pulau Ubin, you can rent a car from Singapore Car Rental if you are searching for unbeatable rates and top notch services. In addition to the low car rental rates, we also offer a wide variety of cars to choose from. A rented car will make your holiday in Ubin more enjoyable and memorable.

What's Included ?

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Vehicle Theft Waiver
  • Liability Insurance
  • Premium Location / Airport Fee
  • VAT Local Tax
  • Road Fund Tax (RFT)
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • 24 Hours Road Assistance
Pulau Ubin Car Rental

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