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Singapore derived its name from the Malay name ‘Singapura’. ‘Malay village’ is a traditional place in south Malay Peninsula that showcases the life of Malays in the ‘Kampung’ days. This village is the heart of the Malay community of Singapore and has beauty spread in its every corner. If you want to visit this beautiful village and explore the rich traditional heritage of Malays, you can easily hire a car from Singapore Car Rental.

Malay – Highlights

‘Geylang Serai’, is a neighboring village of the ‘Malay village’ and is the cultural and festival centre of the Malay community. You can easily rent a car from Singapore Car Rental and visit this beautiful place. The ‘Malay Cultural Museum’, located in Geylang, has an amazing collection of photos and items which throw light on the traditional Malay culture.

Malay village attracts a number of tourists every year, who come to enjoy various traditional activities like batik painting, kite making and top spinning, etc. The footprints of the life of Malays during 1950-1960’s can be seen evidently every where in the village and this culturally intact life which the village still supports, is what makes this place different.

Other attractions of Malay village include the ‘Changi Chapel’, a museum which showcases the life during the dark days of World War II. You can drive your rented car to the nearby village of ‘Kampung Melayu’, a great tourist spot, famous for its bazaars and Malay food festivals.

The major attraction of Malay village is the ‘Kuda Kepang’, a traditional Malay dance, performed on Saturday evenings in this village. When the dance ends, the dancers are put in a trance and they perform atrocious activities like walking on glass, eating glass, and ripping coconuts with bare teeth, etc., leaving the audience awestruck.

Why Choose Singapore Car Rental?

Singapore Car Rental endeavor to find you a perfect car when you are in Malay Village. Hiring a car from Singapore Car Rental would eliminate the long wait for public transport and help you save time. You can move across the village independently and make the most out of your vacation by renting a car from Singapore Car Rental.

What's Included ?

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Vehicle Theft Waiver
  • Liability Insurance
  • Premium Location / Airport Fee
  • VAT Local Tax
  • Road Fund Tax (RFT)
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • 24 Hours Road Assistance
Malay Car Rental

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