Jurong Car Rental – An Industrial Hub

The town of Jurong is a constituency of Singapore, which lies on the western part of the mainland. It is a big centre for industries and one of the main towns contributing to Singapore’s economic growth. Due to a huge extension of housing in the town, there has been a major influx of residents from diverse regions. There are two neighborhoods of Jurong, Eastern region and Western region, which are its further extensions. There are many attractions in Jurong, like the famous Bird Park, and Chinese and Japanese gardens, which can be easily explored if you choose to hire a car.

Jurong – Highlights

Jurong has many attractions that interest the tourists, of which the most famous is the Jurong Bird Park. Built on the western foot of Jurong Hills, it is second largest bird park in the world, housing world’s largest number of birds. It has spectacular landscapes where you can see over 600 species of birds of which many are endangered species. In this park, there is also African Waterfall Aviary, the largest in the world. Jurong Falls, the tallest man-made waterfall is also located in African Waterfalls.

In your rented car, you can comfortably drive down to the Juron Gardens, which have Chinese and Japanese Gardens. The landscapes and architecture of the gardens are a spectacular representation of Chinese royal style, which make them a must-visit in Jurong. The gardens feature many interesting sites like the Stone Lion, Main Arch Building, Garden of Abundance, The Turtle and Tortoise Museum, etc.

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What's Included ?

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Jurong Car Rental

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